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There is nothing quite so magical as discovering somewhere new, getting to completely immerse yourself in the beauty of the unfamiliar. The South Pacific is full of places to explore and once in a lifetime sights that you’ll remember for decades to come. Navigate hidden tropical islands, go snorkelling in crystal clear waters, see the sights and learn the history of other cultures. Or, you can simply relax in the comfort of a luxury yacht, soaking in the joys of an island lifestyle.

However your ideal trip looks, we can help bring your vision to life. The benefit of experiencing the South Pacific in a yacht is that your itinerary can be tailored entirely to you and your preferences. You decide the pace of your journey, each location you visit, and the style of your travelling. Don’t settle for anything less than the trip of your dreams, down to every fine detail.


The South Pacific is full of countless remote islands and must-see locations that will make your trip magical. There’s no shortage of itinerary possibilities across this region, and no matter where you choose to take your superyacht you can be assured that you’ll never forget the slices of paradise you get to experience.

Discover New Zealand

Visit our neighbours and soak in the breathtaking scenery New Zealand has to offer. Explore the Milford Sound and tour countless stunning islands, making the most of the unparalleled natural beauty to be found throughout both the North and South islands. With endless golden sands, thermal pools, mountains, volcanoes, and more, cruising around New Zealand is an experience everyone ought to enjoy at least once in their life.

Explore Fiji

Enjoy paradise unlike anything else as you tour a charter throughout Fiji. With secluded beaches, palm-lined coasts, private islands, and sparkling waves all the way to the horizon, this charter will be the luxury relaxation you’ve needed. Soak up a shining sun as you cruise through the 330 islands Fiji has on offer, embarking on the superyacht adventure of a lifetime.

Travel Indonesia

Immerse yourself in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Chartering your superyacht vacation through Indonesia will give you the chance to experience some of the most jaw-dropping sights and experiences the South Pacific has to offer. From over 50 volcanoes to tropical rainforests, awe-inspiring wildlife to golden beaches, Indonesia may be the yachting destination of your dreams.

Tour Tahiti

Enjoy jade green coasts and crystal clear oceans as you go yachting in the Tahiti seas. Stare up at the bright night skies away from big cities and admire the constellations or go deep diving into the stunning water, discover new food and cultures or spend your hours whale watching from the deck of your yacht. No matter how your ideal holiday looks, Tahiti will add pure magic to your getaway.

See more in Papua New Guinea’s Culture

As one of the most diverse countries in the world, immersing yourself in Papua New Guinea culture will be life-changing. Live amongst the tropical birds and the vibrant landscape, soaking up an unforgettable natural landscape. Whether you want to indulge in the food and culture or spend your days scuba-diving amongst thriving coral reefs, exploring the hidden gems of Papua New Guinea will be a yachting experience like no other.

Adventure in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is filled with rich history and untouched waters ready to be explored. With some of the most breathtaking natural features our world has to offer, including coral reefs and the world’s most accessible active volcano, your yachting charter throughout Vanuatu will be the stuff of dreams. Immerse yourself in the culture and meet the friendly locals, or soak in the salty air from the luxurious comfort of your superyacht. No matter how you spend your days, your Vanuatu holiday will be beyond magical.


There is no shortage of superyachts on offer to navigate you through the gorgeous seas of the South Pacific. With our fleet of over 40 yachts, you can trust that we will be able to match you with the perfect vehicle to suit your style. No matter the size or the specifics, we will guide you through the selection process and find the ideal one for you and your getaway.

Put your holiday in the hands of our team of professionals. Our experience and expertise in the industry have us ready to ease the load of planning an experience this important. Throughout every single step of the process, The Yacht Life will be accessible to you, ready to answer questions and help you tailor every single aspect of your trip to make it fulfil your wildest dreams. Let us do the heavy lifting, and don’t settle for anything less than your ideal trip through the Pacific.

Experience ultimate luxury onboard

Across our expansive selection of superyachts, there are a variety of concierge services we have on offer to make your trip away as luxurious as possible. There are six key services we have on offer through our network of global partners – luxury transfer, relaxation, wine tasting, photography, entertainment, and styling. Explore all of our concierge services in greater detail to see how you can be travelling in style for your next getaway.

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